CE2 Coding with Robots

Stéphane LebratiNews & Events

Last week, we delved into the captivating world of coding with robots. One of the robots we explored was Ozobot, a small marvel that glides along a track, responding to color-coded instructions. Our students learned how to input specific colors on the track to convey commands to the robot. For example, “blue-red-green” indicated a left turn at the next intersection, while “red-red-blue” meant a right turn. Once the students grasped the art of coding instructions in the correct sequence, we presented them with a thrilling challenge – placing the little robot in a maze. The task at hand was to devise the correct instructions, guiding the bot to escape the maze successfully.

Additionally, we ventured into the world of Wedo robots, where the realms of Lego construction and coding seamlessly intertwined. After constructing the robots according to detailed blueprints, we presented coding challenges to set these fascinating creations in motion. As our curriculum progresses, we will incorporate sensors into the robots, introducing even more exhilarating challenges for our students.

Throughout these activities, our pupils were fully engaged, displaying exceptional focus and enthusiasm. They were not only captivated by the coding process but also delighted by the opportunity to witness their coded instructions manifest in the robots’ actions.

At Le Petit Cours du Rocher, we strive to provide immersive and innovative learning experiences that fuel our students’ curiosity and passion for technology. The CE2 coding adventure with robots is just one example of how we empower our students to become confident creators and problem solvers in our rapidly evolving digital world.