Summer Camp

"Best summer camp ever!" Casper, 5 years old.

Every year in July, the school organizes a bilingual English-French Summer Camp, designed, organized and run by our teaching team. We welcome schoolchildren, as well as external children, wishing to learn or progress in English and/or French. Participants are aged 3 to 6. Summer Camps are run in English and French by our native French and English-speaking teachers. They take place both in the secure courtyard and in the classroom. The children play in the playground between the sandpit and the water tank, go for a walk or recharge their batteries at the picnic area. In the classrooms, a more studious atmosphere sets in. Children can enjoy manual, artistic and physical activities: arts and crafts, body expression, singing, role-playing...These summer days filled with camaraderie and mischief are an opportunity for children to be exposed to English and French in a fun, positive and friendly environment, conducive to learning. While some children claim without batting an eyelid that the Summer Club is undoubtedly "the best Club on the planet", we know that it enables children to improve their English/French and forge new friendships. In addition to languages, our activities are designed to develop useful skills, according to the age of each child: community life, self-confidence, self-esteem, sharing, fine motor skills... These activities, created with passion by our teaching team, are the fruit of over 70 years of experience at Le Petit Cours du Rocher. And let's not forget our picnics at Parc Monceau and our Engineering for Kids sessions. Our Summer Camp takes place every year in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of July. Weekly registrations only.

In view of the Paris Olympics, our next Summer Camp will take place in July 2025.

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