After School Activities

Our after-school programs and workshops are the perfect complement to our bilingual education. With a focus on STEM and French-English immersion, our carefully selected instructors are passionate, experienced, and dedicated to creating a positive learning environment for your child.
And best of all, all activities take place right here at our bilingual school in the heart of Paris!

Directed Studies

In primary school only from CP level:

Our supervised study program is offered every day (except Wednesday), after a break and a snack. It is led by experienced teachers from our school who specialise in academic support. Students review their lessons before starting homework. The supervised study program ends at 5:45 pm, which is the school's closing time.


Provided by our experienced childminders, the nursery offers stimulating individual or group games for children. The educators are attentive to the needs of the children.

Wednesday's daycare facilitates the management of activities for siblings.


Wednesday's Club

The main objective of the "Wednesday Club" is to raise awareness and improve the English language. These sessions are entirely organized by English-speaking teachers at the school and take place in a "great British atmosphere." English is taught to children through songs, poems, role-playing games, finger games, group games, with puppets or even through art sessions.

Kids' Corner

The "Kids Corner" is a program for former students of the school and Wednesday Club members over 6 years old to continue practicing English. It's also open to external children with an advanced level of English. The sessions are organized by our English-speaking teachers in small groups and with English-language booklets. This program is not included in the school's tuition fees.

Engineering for kids

Is your child keen on DIY or "Maker" projects ? This STEM activity - unique in Paris for ages 4 to 11 - offers a fun and educational introduction to engineering, design, and computer-aided manufacturing. Your child will learn to use the digital machine tools in our fablab, through technological and scientific projects (e.g., making an alternator, a periscope...). It's a unique opportunity for children to develop essential 21st-century skills while having fun.


Our Chinese language program is offered in partnership with HiHiLuLu, providing an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn the language. Traditional Chinese festivals are an integral part of the culture and are celebrated throughout the year. By learning about these festivals, students gain a better understanding of the language and culture.

Our end-of-year goal for beginner students is to achieve a vocabulary of 80 words, be able to read 40 characters, write 20 characters, and communicate orally with 30 basic phrases. We also offer Level 2 improvement courses for those who wish to continue their studies and further develop their language skills.

Bilingual Choir

In our music workshop, children are introduced to singing and learn about the world of music through a bilingual repertoire. They have the opportunity to practice ensemble music and learn some basic musical concepts, all while developing attention, memory, expression, concentration, and a sense of collectivity. Additionally, they work on their voice, breath control, and posture.It's important to note that we do not teach solfege in this workshop. At the end of the year, the young choristers showcase their work during a final performance


Our language initiation program is led by specialized teachers who are native speakers and have experience working with children. The program offers a variety of playful activities centered around songs and nursery rhymes, as well as situational settings that provide an immersive language experience.

Throughout the year, traditional festivals from the country of the language being learned are celebrated, providing students with a deeper understanding of the language and culture. Our goal is to create a fun and engaging learning environment that encourages children to practice their language skills and build a strong foundation for future language learning.

Physical development

Le Petit Cours du Rocher is the first primary school in France to have installed a FabLab in its premises to offer an introductory engineering activity to children aged 4 to 8. The "Engineering for Kids" activity awakens and develops children's interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). To do so, we have created the FabLab du Rocher: a design and manufacturing workshop equipped with digital tools such as a laser cutter, 3D printers, a digital embroidery machine, and an electronics workshop.We have tested it, and the children loved it! The enthusiasm for these activities and their positive impact on children convinced us that FabLabs will become a standard in primary schools in the years to come.

Introduction to Music

This program is designed to introduce young children to the world of music. Through this program, children will become familiar with the voice and singing, as well as the workings of different musical instruments. They will also engage in sensory activities that involve manipulating instruments and exploring the different sounds they produce. By participating in these activities, children will develop a deeper appreciation for music and its many forms.

Games of Tactics

Throughout the school year, we offer initiation to two games of tactics:

  • Chess, which teaches children how to think strategically, analyze a situation, and anticipate their opponent's possible moves, all while having fun.

  • Backgammon, introduced midway through the school year, adds an element of chance through the use of dice and introduces the concept of weighing risks and rewards. These two timeless games promote the development of memory, concentration, problem-solving skills, resilience, and a sense of fair play.


Sophrology allows children to regulate their emotions, anxiety, concentration issues, and self-confidence through relaxation, breathing, engaging the five senses, movements, and games. The practice of sophrology promotes the child's development, encourages autonomy, teaches them to relax, strengthens their self-confidence, and helps them communicate better with others.

Online Registration for After-School Activities:

We are thrilled to offer a wide range of extracurricular activities at both of our campuses. These activities are available to children from both schools.

To pre-enroll your child to an afterschool, please complete a separate form for each child : 

▶ Pre-enrollment form for our Extracurricular Activities at both schools

Our team will confirm your registration as soon as possible, depending on availability.

We can't wait to have your child join us for our exciting afterschool programs !

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