Wednesday's Club

Ignite Your Child's Passion for English!

Wednesday Club
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  • Limited Groups of 20 Children for personalized attention

  • A native English-speaking educational team for an authentic immersion

  • Each group supervised by an experienced teacher and assistant

  • 2.5-hours  Sessions Every Wednesday: Intensive learning in a 'Great British Atmosphere'

  • Proven method of excellence since 1953 for tangible progress

  • Age-specific groups: 3/5 years and 6/10 years for age-appropriate activities

Your Child at the Heart of Learning: Your child will discover and continue to progress in English through fun, artistic, and always captivating activities appropriate for their age. Each after-school or extracurricular English workshop is designed around a specific theme, enriching vocabulary and sentence structure, and oral fluency. Our team, composed of native and experienced English teachers and assistants, ensures the learning is tailored to each child's level, thus promoting deep understanding and fluent English expression. All activities for children - artistic, academic, or sports - are held exclusively in English. Join the Wednesday Club! An environment where learning English becomes an exciting and enriching adventure for your child.