Admissions Process.

At Petit Cours du Rocher, we welcome children of all levels of bilingualism, subject to availability of places. Our admission process involves a thorough review of the application and a personal interview to ensure a perfect fit between the child and our program.

1 – Apply

Apply Online

2 – Interview

Once we receive your completed pre-registration file, we will promptly contact you to schedule an interview at our school. We require both parents and the child to attend the interview, and for non-residents, we offer the option of conducting the interview via video conference.

3 – Notification

We will notify you of our admission decision within a few days of the interview.


Admissions for the bilingual Petit Cours du Rocher open in October for the following September intake, and remain open throughout the year for the bilingual pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and primary classes. Places may become available throughout the year as expatriate families relocate overseas.

Priority is given to siblings of current students, as well as children and grandchildren of our alumni. For instance, our students in the Toute Petite Section (bilingual pre-kindergarten) have priority for registration in the Maternelle (bilingual kindergarten). Due to a high volume of applications, we recommend families to apply to multiple institutions.

If coming from abroad, → check the Class equivalence table.
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Apply to rue du Rocher

For nursery and kindergarten of Petit Cours du Rocher.

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Apply to rue du faubourg St Honoré

For Kindergarten or Primary School at Petit Cours Du Rocher.

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Class Equivalence

International Class Equivalence Table

This is for the school year 2023-2024

Cycles Année de naissance Anglais Américain Français
Maternelle 2021 Nursery Nursery Très Petite Section
2020 Nursery 3-K Petite Section
2019 Reception Pre-K Moyenne Section
2018 Year 1 Kindergarten Grande Section
2017 Year 2 1st grade Cours Préparatoire
Primaire 2016 Year 3 2nd grade Cours Elémentaire
1ère année
2015 Year 4 3rd grade Cours Elémentaire
2ème année
2014 Year 5 4th grade Cours Moyen
1ère année
2013 Year 6 5th grade Cours Moyen
2ème année

International Grades Equivalences