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"Nurturing minds, hands, and hearts"

Clémence Caux

Welcome to Our School!

Le Petit Cours du Rocher is a private, traditional school offering bilingual French-English Preschool, Nursery and Primary education, founded in 1953.

Our teaching is characterized by an immersive curriculum: 50% in French, 50% in English by native teachers.

Our pedagogical project strives for excellence by stimulating the child's natural desire to learn, and leaves ample room for festive celebrations !

A special attention is given to the well-being of the child and, in turn, the well-being of the teachers.

Opening hours: from 8:30 am to 5:45 pm.

Year founded
Students per class

Le Petit Cours du Rocher - Rue du Rocher

Bilingual Preschool and Kindergarten 
53 Rue du Rocher - 75008 Paris 
+33145224059 - admissions@coursdurocher.com

Le Petit Cours du Rocher - Faubourg St Honoré

Bilingual Preschool, Kindergarten, and Primary School 
230 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris 
+3318984655 - admissions@coursdurocher.com

Our Differences

Bilingual immersion education in French and English on a 50/50 basis

Curriculum combining the goals of the National Education System and the British Curriculum

Native English-speaking teachers

Teaching staff trained in Positive Discipline

School life that blends tradition and innovation

A supportive family-like atmosphere

Coding courses starting from Year 1

Our on-site FabLab offers exciting "Engineering for Kids" activities.


    Le Petit Cours du Rocher is a bilingual (French-English) private school welcoming children preschool (2 to 3 years old), Nursery School (3 to 6 years old) and Primary (6 to 11 years old). Our curriculum combines the objectives of the French “Education Nationale” and the British Curriculum. The school focuses on the well-being of both students and teachers.

    In The

    Our FabLab's "Engineering for Kids" program is a one-of-a-kind initiative in France, specifically designed for preschool and primary school students. This innovative approach has captured the interest of the media and has been featured in numerous press articles due to its uniqueness:
    Madame Le Figaro
    Sciences et Avenir

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    Testimonials from former students of the Petit Cours du Rocher

    "This is my favorite school. The teachers are super nice and the cafeteria is great."

    Alexandre11 years old

    "I keep a fond and unforgettable memory of my sweet years at the Petit Cours du Rocher. This emotion comes back to me every time I come to pick up my grandchildren."

    Albert66 years old

    "Here we have the best teachers in the world."

    Oscar6 years old

    "Everyone was very kind, but the principal was even more so. What struck me the most was in the spring when we were looking for eggs in the school courtyard. It was so much fun! And also, I loved visiting Sacré Cœur and taking the funicular."

    Paul10 years old

    "I found the teachers and the principal very nice. I was always happy to go to school because I had fun with my classmates, there were great activities in class. It was also in this school that I started learning English and it was very useful for me to start early. My fondest memories are the events we celebrated throughout the year: birthdays, carnival, Halloween, and Christmas."

    Jade15 years old

    "I really like my school, the teachers are too kind and we also have games in the courtyard for recess."

    Hortense6 years old

    "The Petit Cours du Rocher will have a special place in our hearts and our gratitude forever for those special years."

    Max & Macy19 & 18 years old

    "It's a very good school, the teachers are very approachable and pedagogical. Language learning is really well taught, I could speak English well before I arrived in CP! I really liked the fact that there weren't many students in the class because I was little so I didn't feel lost or overwhelmed and my parents were reassured. The emphasis on festivals allowed me to open up at a very young age to many cultures!"

    Paul15 years old

    "I have wonderful memories of this school! I made friends that I still have today and who share the same feeling as me. I think that the international aspect is a very important value and instilling it in children at a young age only has advantages for their future. Teachers and management are always there to help both parents and students. The education is of a great level, while maintaining a fun, recreational, and cultural aspect that makes every child love going to school!"

    Lily19 years old

    "Learning English at the Petit Cours du Rocher helped me a lot over the years. I have become comfortable communicating in English. I always watch movies in English with subtitles. At the age of 11, I traveled to NY alone! I remember such friendly moments with my teachers: we made a giant Origami, picked leaves in the Parc Monceau, at the Christmas party where my mother played the cello... I remember all the class teachers. At the Petit Cours du Rocher, I spent a very rich and joyful time. Thank you Clemence."

    Lily Seya14 years old