Bilingual Primary School

Welcome to the Le  Petit Cours du Rocher

 located at 230 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris. Our classrooms cater to students from Cours Préparatoire (CP), starting at 6 years old, all the way up to Cours Moyen (CM2). Each grade level is represented by a single class, ensuring a focused and personalized learning experience for every student.

Learning Areas:

At our bilingual  elementary school, we follow a curriculum that blends the goals of the French National Education system and the British Curriculum. It is organized into five distinct learning areas, which include:
  • Mobilizing language in all its dimensions, encompassing communication, language, and literacy.

  • Acting, expressing oneself, and understanding through physical activity, known as physical development.

  • Acting, expressing oneself, and understanding through artistic activities, known as creative development.

  • Building the initial tools necessary to structure one's thinking, known as mathematical development.

  • Exploring the world around us, known as knowledge and understanding of the world.


Our Primary School pedagogical project is a direct and logical continuation of our successful Maternelle program since 1953.

Le Petit Cours du Rocher offers a bilingual and traditional curriculum to "nurture the mind, hand, and heart" of each student. We prioritize the well-being of both the students and teachers.

English instruction is solely provided by native English-speaking teachers. English is not taught as a separate subject, but as a medium of instruction in other subjects. Students are evaluated in both French and English while maintaining a nurturing environment.

Our goal is to develop bilingualism in our students, allowing them to express themselves orally and in writing with ease in both languages. By the end of CM2, students will have achieved a level of English proficiency that will allow them to use the language with ease.

Pedagogical Implementation:

Daily bilingual instruction in French/English, equally split (50/50)

  • Limited class size of 20 students
  • Pedagogical program aligned with the French National Education curriculum
  • Native English-speaking teachers
  • Weekly sports, music, and art activities
  • Weekly coding classes starting from CP
  • "FabLab" in the school for innovative activities, such as "Engineering for Kids" and Robotics
  • Regular evaluations are conducted and summarized in a report card given to parents every trimester to monitor each student's progress
  • Positive evaluation methods are used to encourage and support each student's achievements, ensuring they remain motivated.


Discover the vibrant Primary School classrooms at Le Petit Cours du Rocher – located at 230 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris. From Cours Préparatoire (CP) for 6-year-olds to Cours Moyen (CM2), each grade level has its own unique class.

Our spacious classrooms, situated on the ground floor with a courtyard view, provide an inspiring setting for learning. With a limited class size of 20 students, we ensure personalized attention and a nurturing environment.

At Le Petit Cours du Rocher, we believe in the power of bilingual education. Our experienced Francophone and Anglophone teachers take turns delivering engaging lessons, creating a dynamic and multicultural learning experience (50/50).

Sports are an integral part of our curriculum. Our students enjoy sports activities led by qualified instructors in our well-equipped motor skills room or nearby sports centers, promoting physical fitness and a love for an active lifestyle.

Join us at Le Petit Cours du Rocher, where every child thrives in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Student Academic Monitoring:

At Le Petit Cours du Rocher, we prioritise the continuous tracking of student progress through regular evaluations, which are compiled in a comprehensive school report provided to parents at the end of each trimester.Our evaluation methods at Le Petit Cours du Rocher are rooted in positivity, aimed at recognising and celebrating the individual achievements of every student. We firmly believe in fostering an environment that encourages growth and success.

By adopting a positive evaluation approach, we ensure that students gain a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement without losing motivation. Our aim is to empower students, helping them comprehend their academic standing and encouraging them to strive for excellence.

At Le Petit Cours du Rocher, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where students receive constructive feedback and guidance to unlock their full potential. Our comprehensive evaluation system serves as a valuable resource for parents, enabling them to stay actively involved in their child's educational journey and collaborate with us to ensure their success.

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Our Primary school educational project follows directly and logically from the success of our bilingual kindergarten, established in Paris 8 in 1953. Le Petit Cours du Rocher offers a bilingual and traditional curriculum aimed at "Nurturing the mind, the hand, and the heart". The curriculum blends the objectives of the French Education Nationale with those of the British Curriculum. A special attention is given to the well-being of the child and, its corollary the teachers’ well-being.Our English teaching is delivered exclusively by our native English-speaking teachers. English instruction does not occur in the form of English lessons but through teaching subjects in English. While maintaining the due kindness to students, they will be assessed in both languages.Student progress is monitored with regular assessments summarised in a school report given to parents at the end of each term. The assessment methods of Petit Cours du Rocher are positive and aim to recognise students’ progress and support their success. Assessments are designed to help students understand their level while ensuring their motivation is preserved.The goal is to enhance students bilingualism. This involves expressing themselves both orally and in writing, in both languages with similar agility. By the end of CM2 (year 6), students will have reached a level that allows them to use French and English with equal ease and to integrate best bilingual middle schools in France or internationally.