A Different Bilingual School

Welcome to Le Petit Cours du Rocher, a bilingual school in Paris where academic excellence meets the richness of two languages. Founded in 1953, Le Petit Cours du Rocher is one of the few bilingual schools in Paris offering a 50% French – 50% English immersive bilingual education. Teaching in French and English for children is done on a half-day basis. This immersive education is particularly attractive to expat families whose children will one day return to an international school abroad, and who thus need a high level of excellence in both languages. Our international school welcomes families from 26 nationalities!

Our classes are limited to 20 children per class, to promote academic success.  Schedule : 8:30 - 4:30 (extracurricular until 5:45 pm), hafl day on Wednesday.

Our educational method is based on the principles of positive discipline, neither punitive nor permissive, which relies on a balance of kindness, firmness, and encouragement. Our teaching team is trained each year by Mrs. Béatrice Sabaté, founder of the Discipline Positive France association. She is also a co-author, alongside Jane Nelsen, of the reference book : 'Positive Discipline, at Home or at School: How to Educate with Firmness and Kindness').

Early mastery of two languages is a valuable asset in today's world. Scientific research has shown that learning English from a young age enhances cognitive development with a positive impact on memory and reasoning, and since the bilingual brain develops more connections.

Choosing a bilingual school is an important decision for families. That's why we invite you to visit our schools, to discover how we 'nurture the mind, hand, and heart' of children, in both languages :

Our two schools share the same program and activities.

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 This curriculum combines the objectives of the French National Education and the British Curriculum into five domains, each designed to foster specific areas of knowledge and skill: